Your first home dream, made a reality with a broker that champions your journey

Live like a rockstar with your home, lifestyle and finances set to max volume

Work with the brokers who leave behind the suit, tie and confusing financial jargon

What we do

Rockstar Finance are the rockstars of mortgage broking. We help you realise your dreams of owning your own home by securing the best home loan out there to live like a rockstar.

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How we help

We understand the process of buying your first home can be confusing or as terrifying as standing on stage before an audience of thousands. But we guide you through the many options you have when it comes to finding a home loan that suits your needs and we tailor this process to meet your criteria, not the banks or other lenders.

1. Discovery Meeting

2. Loan Strategy Report

3. Loan Application Process

4. Settlement + Follow up


The Rockstar Process.

To find you the best home loan our process understands your needs to get you in the home of your dreams,

no suit and tie required.


1. Discovery meeting

Let's go deep! We want to know more about your situation, your goals and what the final outcome looks like in your mind. To work it all out, we ask some questions about your lifestyle and your current financial situation from income through to expenses. We then pass the mic over to you so we can answer any questions you may have about home loans or the home buying process.


2. Loan Strategy Report

Once you are ready to proceed to pre-approval, Rockstar Finance will prepare and present you with your Loan Strategy Report - personally tailored for you and includes:

  • Your borrowing power and maximum repayments

  • What lenders you can use

  • A side by side comparison of those lenders

  • A highlighted solution to achieving your goals


3. Loan Application Process

1. Collection of supporting documents

2. Preparation of application

3. Sign and submit

4. Approval issued

This here is the Rockstar treatment. After uploading all of your supporting documents via your own secure client portal you can now sit back and relax while we prepare and submit your home loan application.

Moving House

4. Settlement

The headline act. When your home loan application is formally approved you will meet with Rockstar Finance one last time to review the loan contract and put pen to paper on the mortgage documents.

On settlement day, you will be handed the keys to your own home and get ready to live like a rockstar.

Follow-up period

The show must go on! Your home loan has settled and you have moved into your new home but we will check-in from time to time to make sure you are still getting a competitive interest rate, as well as getting the most out of your home loan.

Rockstars need a place to come home to. Make your rockstar dreams a reality.

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