Being a rock star isn’t about being a hedonistic thrill-seeker, but it is about living with more passion, freedom, and self-expression.


Why choose Rockstar?

With a kick of a bass drum and the crack of a snare, you’ve now discovered the Rockstars who want to help you build long-term success and see you live like a rockstar! We get to know you and you get to know us, instead of the faceless other options out there that leave you wondering if you’ll speak to them again.

We're a little different

We’re the first to admit we are a little different and we do it partly to stand out… You’re here after all, right? But we chose to be different mainly to show that the process of buying a home and making your dream a reality, can be a process you can understand. No suit & tie required.


Yep, this is what your mortgage documents come in


De Filippis

Founder - Lead Broker

Rockstar by day, Rockstar...by night too? Yep! Anthony is our Rockstar Finance leader who also doubles as rockin' lead guitarist. Which is totally where our name comes from. Anthony has a decade of experience in the finance and property sector but is far from your typical suit and tie wearing, Mercedes driving, finance guy. He set up Rockstar Finance to be different, even as a Chartered Accountant and accredited Mortage Broker, because he wants to help guide you through the confusing mortgage process that is typically littered with jargon, to see you live like a Rockstar.



Our Rockstar Mission

"To break the mould of what a mortgage broker should be. We want to put you on the mainstage to live your Rockstar dream of owning your own home. No suit & tie required."










The Rockstars of mortgage broking

We are the Rockstars of mortgage broking. Humble brag. But honestly, it’s because we do things a little differently as we’ve never fit the corporate mould. It’s in the way we talk, think, act and look that we hope to strike a unique chord in our industry. Chord, get it? Anyway, it’s all part of our effort to help make your dream of homeownership a reality, the Rockstar way!

Led by chief broker Anthony, our experience in the property space has led us to believe there is a gap not being crowd dived on in our industry. That is, “what is a mortgage broker, because all I want to do is buy my first house?”.


If you actually knew what a mortgage broker did before you even thought of checking us out, ten points to you. It’s this reason that drives us to close that gap of understanding, by sharing our knowledge on the daily from our AAA (Access All Areas) perspective of the property sector.


We’re so damn passionate about the change we help create for our customers and we equally can’t help ourselves when it comes to integrating our love of music into what we do. Which is why we want to put you up on the mainstage. Thrusted into the spotlight as the headline act of your journey.


Where will we be? We’re just over your shoulder. Stage right. Here to help guide the way with our epic guitar solo. Dead serious, Anthony can belt out a banging riff, for reals. But at the heart of what we do is keep the beat of the drum going for you to reach your goals of owning your home with a confident financial future ahead of you. so that you can...



There are quite the number of lenders and this isn't all of them either.

We just didn't want to bombard you too much.


Not sure which lender to go with?

There are thousands of 'mortgage products' from dozens of banks and other lenders. But how do you pick one and which provider is going to give you the best deal and service to make your dreams a reality? Do you just pick your own bank? Or go with a lender your friend's, mum's, cousin recently used? We take the stress out of this process by showing you only the products and lenders who suit your needs.

Been knocked back by a lender?

First of all, don't be disheartened. As not all lender criteria are the same between different venders. Which is why we learn as much about your situation as we can, to best understand your options with other possible lenders. If we can’t provide you with a loan based on your circumstances, our consultative services allow us to provide you with a clear strategy for the future so that you achieve your goals.

Rockstars need a place to come home to. Make your rockstar dreams a reality.

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